I met Kelly Turner in Helsinki 2016, when her book ”syövästä voi selviytyä” was published in finnish. I was so excited about Kellys presentation that I didnt even notice that Kelly was talking in other language, it just resonated with my heart. I was thinking that this might be the key factor to other autoimmunedeceases not just cancer. When Kelly told about upcoming Teacher trainig, I decided deep in my heart that she need to be there.

Dr. Turner recently trained the inaugural group of Certified Radical Remission Instructors so that they could bring the Radical Remission workshop back to their home communities aroud the world.

Beside of RadicalRemission workshops I am working in my home town as a Body and Mind Balancing Therapist and EFT Therapist. (releasing stress and supressed emotions).

If you are a warrior and your heart resonate with beautiful finnish nature you are wellcome to join my courses in Finland. Courses are translated in english if needed.

See upcoming courses in Finland.

If you want to organize a RadicalRemission workshop in your home town in Europe – take a contact.


All best to Your healing tour,

Mari Lehtio

Licenced Radical Remission Teacher